Monday, December 25, 2006

Holiday in KL

Wow.. it has been awhile I didn't update the blog. I am currently in KL having my holiday. Things are good where I have my most relaxing holiday for the year. It has been already one and half year I worked after graduation, but yet have a good holiday. So, it is time for a self-reward. I came here with my girl-friend. We have happy moment here and I appreciate her very much ;)
For me, KL is still having changes. Look at the highway built. We can more and more projects under execution in Subang, Sunway, Puchong etc. Along the journey, there are project 'pemlebaran lebuh raya'. Now, I realized most of our tax payer's money is used for this. It is good in a sense that the traffic is smoother and hopefully, yes it do serves its purpose. haha...
Let me tell more about myself. I was a student from University of Nottingham Malaysia, graduated in year 2005. I used to work out some part time job when study such as selling laptop, pendrive, car perfume(funny! A guy selling perfume), books etc. Looked great right? Of course, I was assigned to different places. For examples, Mid Valley, Plaza Damas, Sunway Piramid, KLCC was my job location before. Wow.. and today I went to these places, make me recall how 'strong' I am. haha... I do not mean to bluff how great I was. But, it makes me recall how many times I used to lost in the journey( not familiar with the road here) and today I can reached this places easily. Anyway, I considered working these part time job as my personal development process too.

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