Tuesday, December 12, 2006

HK Star

Have you all ever heard a girl called Janice? She has a really nice vocal and I am really fascinated with her voice that gives me so much comforts, imagination and surprise. Tell you what... I listen to her song in my car recently and yet have plan to eject from the CD player. Just imagine how hard you found someone that suit your taste and you never thought of leaving it. And that's true for the musical world these years. You hardly found a song played in Radio for more than 3 months. Worst thing is that after 2 months, the songs just disappear and you start to chase for another new album/ artist. Unlike those old days, when those song(Jacky Cheug, Andy Lau, Faye) could appear in the chart for more than 3 months. Still remember a musical chart, called RIM? Jacky Cheung's album has been the champion for almost half a year. Super history and unbeatable. Those new artist could never repeat that again. I would said, I have a lot connection to Hong Kong. Yes!!! She owns a fantastic entertainment industry. I have been watching their TV series, movies and song when I was born. Cantonese is my mother tongue and some much influence was just embedded in my heart. Their citizens are super great people. Have you imagine that they have no natural resource, but with their "HK" mindset, the state appears to be shining marble in Asia in 70s. Most stars was born. Leslie, Anita Mui, Jacky Cheung, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Alan, Sam Hui and lots of them... Their song, movies are companion in my youth. Wow.. Can you imagine that? However, when it comes to 90s, things changes with Taiwanese and China become stronger, HK seems falling. Star falls. Sadly! Back to the main topic, I just wanna recommend two of the artist found in HK and YES!!! They are good singer; both have a nice and strong vocal - Janice and Yong Er. Hopefully you like them. They could be shining star one day.

Janice (卫兰) - she sang the pop song, ' Tai Guo'. More new song in her latest album. Wow.. amazingly, some Malaysian that don't really speak cantonese choose her song while participate the singing cantonese when were asked to perform cantonese song on stage. Recommended song: 离家出走, 大哥.

This is another girl called 泳儿. Nice and powerful vocal and a bit like Faye Wong.The wide range of vocal gives her a big space. She is a Singaporean in fact. Recommended song? 告白,感應,巴不得。

You might not agree with me. But this is just what I wanna share. Believe it or not? They are shining now.

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