Friday, December 15, 2006

Is it good?

If you possess a car and drive in Penang, it is pretty sure you encountered the same issue like I am. Since the news of stolen chipset from a giant company ever breakout, most Penangite are suffering from the terrible traffic jam all along Costal highway. Candidly, it is pretty tiring to drive recently under such ‘torturing’ condition.

Meanwhile, no more good news bought to us, but thanks to the ‘Top’ level management telling Malaysian that most of the toll rate will be adjusted and again raised. It is indeed a bad news to most of us, in fact, all Malaysian. To tell you more, I was a student pursuing studies there and had my internship in Freescale. That was one of most frequently used link-way to the company. An in-and-out journey in the so-called highway link will cost you RM3.00. Wow... for a student, this is definitely expensive. I do take another alternative, which is the Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP) and it costed me RM 1.00. With the recent raise, Kesas Highway is charging RM2.20 and totally RM 4.40 for in-and-out journey. LDP on the other hand cost RM1.60. That’s really a lot. We were taught that the highways are meant to improve the traffic flow, but it seems not functioning as it was expected. I do write up in my essay in SPM exam, obviously, I think I am not gonna write that again!

Someone told me that we, the tax payers in fact are paying a double tax. We do pay for what is asked for annually in April, but almost paying for the ‘low maintenance high cost’ toll. In fact, it is true.

I remembered back to my University life, we were taught about strategy management. There are a few strategy adopted. For instance, those that provide low cost yet acceptable quality material include Giant, Carrefour. Those that provide good quality and expensive price include BMW, Mazda, Rolex and etc. Ironically, most government related company is categorized into those could hardly produce good quality but still request for expensive price. It is not difficult to point out. We have seen MAS, Proton and now we have our toll.

The internet service provider could hardly improve the line service. House and cars are expensive. Disappointing flight service. Terrible traffic jam (seems like no body plan anything to improve that. How depressing it is!!!

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