Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Year

Wow… it has been a few days I didn’t open up my blog site. Main reason being is that I was back to my hometown for the New Year. Yeah… this is my super-favorite place. I was born here, study here. So much memory here…
It was a four day holiday. Considered long… and the clock showing 10.23pm at night gives me a feeling of super reluctantly to work on next day. The lazy worm crawling in my mind… and please if you know any method (crazy, stupid, smart way or what-ever), please get it out of my mind!
A new year means a lot. I do have a plan and want to achieve something this year. In fact, it is surprising when some of my friend further studies into Master. Yeah.. A man graduate today and stop learning is doomed to fail. It is true in fact. So, do you have a plan? We have heard a lot bad news over the past year. I do hope there is more good news awaiting. Come on. 2007. Another tough year. Keep on the good work and be excellence.

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