Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dream and Vision

I recalled back to my secondary school time where I was about to take the SPM. By tradition, our student was quite weak in Add. Maths. This has triggered some alarm to the top management of our school, looking forward for some best solution. Here's come one day, the whole batch of science stream student was asked to gather in the hall. When we are about to step in the hall, the WestLife song ‘I have a dream’ was played. To us, it was a surprise wondering why our teacher suddenly treated us so good. No need study, no boring lecture talk… some more, we were entertained by this wonderful cheering song. In fact, it was quite popular that time (it was year 2000).

We waited for some time and finally the Penolong Kanan appeared on the stage. Guess what he is trying to tell? 250 students and one teacher in such an environment! Huh… I hardly recalled how he spoke, but the rough means was

‘I understand that you guys (mean we) are going to leave the school after graduate. But each one of have great potential to content for your brilliant future. Talk is easy but first you must have a dream! With those dream, I believed you could passed the SPM, you could passed the Add. Math, and those dream I want you all to be a GOOD MAN in our society’

Yeah…funny huh? Man with a dream makes success most of time. But remember, still it is most of time. Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Steven Spielberg and etc. We do always see them appear. They looked so powerful, so charming, and so genius-minded. They do have a dream. But for me, as an engineer, there should be amendment made to balance up the formula. I would introduce a term called Vision and it is given by:-

Vision = Dream + Action

A man with dream… yeah... you can dream! But is dream enough to makes success? Worst still if you are day-dreaming? The people mentioned just now did spend a lot of time on their job and thus they have today. And that’s called action. This year, I am 24 years, hopefully, I could be climbing up and achieve those that I dream for with my real hand effort. Thanks to that teacher as well which played me that song. So much memories and it remind me well.

So, you want to dream only, or you want to be Man with vision?

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