Saturday, December 9, 2006

First article

It's me William from this little small country, Malaysia. The reason why I am opening this blog is to share with you all some of my opinion and hopefully, it bring some message. I never think I gonna be a blogger even that I knew it existed so long, and some poeple even blog out for 24 hours 7 days. I am wondering why people are writing their own diary and even share their photos on the web. Why some people do this? The quesiton is still pondering in my mind. That until today, some thought flashed in my mind. I planned to share this up. Perhaps, it can a good way to release tension? You may ask why? But there are some many question and problem rolling in my mind.

It was origianlly a very small matter but is getting worst and even worst these day. Should there be someone think about it? Wow.. you might getting frustated why the hell I am complaing so long and yet get into the real topic. Impatient huh?

Let begin this with an imagination. It is getting near to 5 pm and you are gonna leave the office after spending 8 hours there, doing business for someone. A dating with your boyfriend/ girlfriend makes your heart and blood pumps even faster compared to usual. You are getting excited and even more 'spiritual' compared to your working. You are getting to your car, starts the engine, on the air-con, and cars finally moves.

Seems everything so nice. Wow.. you are thinking what will be your partners wearing? What your both are about to eat for dinner? a movie? a concert? a window shopping?

While you are so excited with that, you observed a lot of car waiting at the guard house, and none of them are moving. Shit!! Guess what is happening? A bad traffice jam is there in front. You start wondering!! What's wrong with that? You start calling your friend who are still in the office, asking to check the traffic condition. The response bounce back saying' there is a terrible massive traffic jam at the Penang bridge and whole island is in big jam!!' Your heart get dismay, full of dismay. Down.. and every thing planned just screwed-up.

Guess what.... that's what happens to most of us recently - Penang traffice jam.

Come on.. we are not in KL.. but why the hell Penang traffic is getting worst and worst. I start to questioning myself. Is Penang then place I want before? I was asked before when my boss hire me. 'Why you choose Penang to start your career? Why not KL since you are graduate in KL?'

My answer was ' I hate the stupid traffic jam in KL'. But it seems that my belief and decision is not 100% good. My driving attitude is getting rude and even my girlfriend is complaing on that. wow...

By the way, it is Cheng Foo's birthday. Wish him a Happy birthday and may his wish come trues.

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Yee said...

nice to read your first blog man! keep on sharing and let's make the culture of sharing grow.