Saturday, January 6, 2007


It is heard that the recent change of wind direction (so called angin monsun) will cause the northern part of Malaysia to have thunder storm and great flood. Just like what it occurred last month at the southern Malaysia, including Johor, Terengganu, Kelantan, Melaka etc. And following as some conversation note between me and my cousin:-
Cousin: heard got storm coming and might cause flood in Penang.
Me: What! How then? We’re staying just near by the sea side. If flood comes, definitely our cars will be spoiled…
Cousin: Yeah…
Me: hmm.. Then park at Queensbay car park. The upstairs’ car park should be safe.
Cousin: Yeah. But that car park not going to open at night, right?
Me: Shit! If flood come, my most valuable thing in Penang will be destroyed.

Yeah.. that’s true. All the natural disaster brings damages. Malaysia are quite lack of safety awareness, especially upon flood, haze, tsunami etc. We are lucky that we do not have earthquake, wars, and volcano’s effect etc. But, as a human, we should really have that awareness. When I read though those newspaper, citing how the NGO helped those flood victim at Southern region, that’s really touching. One of friend, studying PHD in UTM, volunteered to help the victim there, has prepared some fund to restore back the messy situation. See... life is full of care.

I understand the feeling of being a victim in flood. I did encounter that kind of experience before when I was a kid. It was a terrible experience. As usual, the whole family was in sweet sweet dream and suddenly, I heard my mum’s shout for help. It was a flood and the water level already reached up to the knee level. We immediately woke up and help to lift all the stuff up and locate them to a taller position. We were panic, dismay, scared and surprised. Pity to my little white dog that her body was shivering. We then called our relatives to come and save us. This was considered still ok. The most torturing part is that we need to clean up our home. The muddy ground which looked like coffee color. The flower which all die in one night. The comic book which no longer looked like books, but yellowish smelly papers. Chicken that we feed also die. Shit!!! The loss is uncountable pain to us. That’s why I can understand that felling. I just hoped for a peaceful life. No more such painful experience, okay?

By the way, I lose all my comic books at one night. I was so addicted to read comic books and I was planning to have my own comic one day finally. And that flood cause me to save my money (not to buy comic) and give up that hope. Perhaps, that was good also. I am now an engineer not a comic artist. Haha…

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